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Motoring is a huge expense for UK citizens. Although tax, insurance and fuel are all expensive, one of the things that can quickly make a dent in a bank account is car repairs.

Saving Money on Common Car Repairs

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Whether you are looking to repair car suspension or repair car brakes, you’ll need to find an honest, reliable and high quality supplier. You need a mechanic that you can call on quickly when something goes wrong with your vehicle, so that the issues are rectified as soon as possible.

Here are some ideas to start short listing the options that you have found so far…


In this day and age having a website is not exactly a big deal. With a half decent website costing just a few hundred pounds, there is no real reason for a company not to have one, unless they are hiding something. Do a search for the company name in Google and check that they have a legitimate company website explaining what they offer. If they don’t, they are probably worth avoiding.

Landline & Address

With the aftermath of the economic recession ruining what is left of job security for most people, many are choosing to go self-employed. For this reason, even mechanics that do have a website might be operating from their home address. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that their quality of service is low, it does probably mean that they are not as flexible as you would hope. For this reason, using a company that has a landline and business address is incredibly important.

Service Range

The last thing you want to be doing when your car breaks down is going to multiple repair shops. If you need to repair car brakes or repair car suspension, get an MOT or simply have a service, you want a one stop shop. Check the mechanic’s website to see what services they offer. Can they offer servicing, repairs and MOTs all at one location?

Quotes & Cost

Some mechanics will offer a free quote system which is great. Others will charge for their time, even when they are quoting. Generally, the higher quality companies that offer car servicing and repairs are confident that they are going to get a job. For this reason, they are not going to charge simply for offering you a quote. If a company is looking to charge you just for quoting a job, they might not be as legitimate as they seem.

Eastleigh Autoworks offers free quotes, can repair and service your vehicle on their large site in Eastleigh town centre, and can be contacted here.

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