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There are many aspects of a car which need maintenance or repair, keeping on top of these is no easy task which is why a local mechanic offers separate air con repair. Indeed, as most parts within a car are connected in some way, what you may think is an air conditioning problem may well be another break down entirely. A yearly check up as well as an MOT service is recommended.

Understanding Air Conditioning Recharge Services And Air Con ReGas

car air con eastleigh For those who wish to understand the inner workings of their air conditioning before allowing a local mechanic to delve into their motor with their air con repair tools, here’s a few pointers to decipher initial problems and whether repair is required or simply an air con re-gas.

– If your car is older than two years and you haven’t had an air con re-gas, your air conditioning may not be operating to optimum levels. A car can typically lose 10% to 20% of its air con gas through normal use, so may expire earlier than advised in the manual.

– If you experience funny smells coming through the vents, this can be due to an entirely different problem within the car or point to mould taking hold. If you consider that the system is dark, moist and often warm even with cool air being despatched, mould can easily grow. Alternatively leaves stuck in the forward vents may simply need removing.

– If you experience health issues then this is not simply an air con re-gas solution but a problem with the evaporators. Most local mechanics offering air con repair will be able to sell you and fit an optional extra air sanitiser which will assist in destroying and deterring the build up of microbes that both affect health and cause smelly discharges.

Air Conditioning Services And Air Conditioning Diagnostics

Your car’s air conditioning and cooling system needs to be regularly used and regularly serviced to ensure your good health and that of passengers and to keep it working to optimum levels. Popping along to a local mechanic specialising in air con repair and air con re-gas will ensure the service is completed within an hour and all problems resolved.

Remember, your air conditioning remains in your car with a variety of other smells and liquids hovering around its system all year round. To stave off that visit to a local mechanic, try to use the air conditioning once or twice a month even if for a few minutes so your clear the system.

When visiting a local mechanic in Hampshire for air con repair, they will check all aspects of your air conditioning system and thoroughly clean all evaporators and vents. Fixing or replacing any rubber seals and gaskets and ensuring there are no leaks.

A local mechanic should also add a new supply of system oil after discharging the current and will recharge refrigerant to the car’s recommended levels. Of course there will be a standard cost for the air con repair service but any additional parts fitted may require further payment. Using a trusted local mechanic for air con repair and an air con re-gas is both the quickest solution and often the cheapest.

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