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A well-functioning exhaust is integral to the wellbeing of a vehicle. Damaged exhausts affect performance, create noise and might not comply with environmental regulations. A qualified auto mechanic can quickly assess the nature of the problem and recommend an affordable solution, which will involve recommending one of many different exhausts suitable for the vehicle in question.

It’s difficult to ascertain how long an exhaust will last. Exhausts are made primarily from metal, which is subject to corrosion – which can occur because of high temperatures and other environmental factors. Wear and tear over time will also be a factor, which means exhausts have a finite lifespan and will need replacing at some point in the future. If in doubt, consult a qualified car mechanic.

Eastleigh Autos is based near Southampton and only employs car mechanics who understand exhausts. Regardless of the make of vehicle, they’ll be able to locate the problem and suggest a solution. Whether you are visiting us for a car service or MOT, or are concerned about your exhaust, our on-site team will be able to help. Contact us for more details or book an appointment online.

Exhaust Repairs EastleighReasons to Replace Your Exhaust

Exhausts can fail for a range of reasons. Corrosion caused by salt can create holes in the manifold gasket, in which case a sulphuric odour will be released and the vehicle will create a loud noise when in use. This will release toxic gases into the air and could result in the vehicle failing its MOT check when it is next inspected.

From a performativity perspective alone, a poorly functioning exhaust will make a vehicle less efficient when in use. Identifying the problem early on is important to prevent damage occurring that will be expensive and time-consuming to fix later on. Visit Eastleigh Autoworks for a free no-obligation assessment of your exhaust.

Online Car Repair Quote EastleighSigns Your Exhaust May Be Failing

Exhausts work harder than any other part of a vehicle, which is why they become prone to failure over a long period. Signs an exhaust is failing aren’t always outwardly obvious; that’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your vehicle’s performance. Recognising the symptoms of a broken or poorly-functioning exhaust will save you time and money.

A drop in fuel efficiency often indicates an exhaust problem. You may need to talk to a qualified car mechanic about repairs to your vehicle if you need to refuel frequently. This problem will cost you a great deal of money in petrol costs over time and could mean your vehicle no longer complies with environmental regulations and isn’t roadworthy.

Noise coming from the engine area of your vehicle will also serve as an indicator that there’s a problem with your exhaust. These reverberations might stem from the exhaust manifold or at any jointed position along its stem. Exhausts failing in this way also release harmful fumes that could put the driver or anyone nearby at risk from contamination.

Vibrations emanating from the steering wheel or via the gas pedal will most likely suggest a problem with the exhaust. Booking your vehicle in for an assessment is essential in a case where these symptoms present themselves. If one of our auto mechanics notices an issue with the exhaust, they will recommend booking a car repair date.

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Failing or broken exhausts cause a host of time-consuming and expensive problems. Eastleigh Autoworks will be able to diagnose the problem with your exhaust – no matter what type of vehicle you own or its age – and provide you with an affordable quote to consider.

If you have a question about car repair or want to know more about the exhausts services offered by our auto repair shop, you can call our experienced team on 02380 647564. Alternatively, you can use our contact page to send us a message or book an appointment with us online.

While contacting us about your replacement exhaust, you may also want to ask about our car servicing and MOT servicing options. In most cases, we will be able to collect your vehicle and deliver it back once the repair work has been completed. We look forward to hearing from you.

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