Car repairs whilst you work

Do you have a MOT coming up this month, or want to get that discomforting noise sorted? Eastleigh Autoworks will fix your car whilst you are at work. Simply call up or book an appointment through our contact form.

This service is popularly combined with our car collection and drop off service. Ensuring minimal disturbance to your day, and a fully repaired car to enjoy.

Car delivery and collection service

Realistically, who wants to spend their hard earned weekend waiting for their car to be fixed? Or, worse still, head down to the garage after a long day at work?

We offer a local car collection service and drop off service to all our customers completely free of charge. Have your car repaired by the finest car mechanics in Eastleigh and Southampton whilst you are at work.

No-obligation quotes

One major benefit of choosing to work with Eastleigh Autoworks is our complete commitment to offering truly competitive prices for our car repairs in Southampton and surrounding Hampshire towns. Further to this, we never misquote any of our work and will always provide details of exactly how your money has been spent.

Car Suspension Repair SouthamptonService & Servicing

Servicing your car is of the utmost importance. Regular services to sort out any minor car repairs needed and keep your vehicle healthy will help prevent for more complex and expensive work in the future. Keeping you on the road for cheaper.

If you think your car needs a service, or you are approaching an MOT and would like a service beforehand, please get in touch with our professional and caring team. We are happy to discuss your cars individual needs, and can usually determine any problems by asking you a few simple questions.

Eastleigh Autoworks offers our car services throughout Eastleigh, Southampton, Winchester, Hedge End, Chandler’s Ford, Totton, Fair Oak’s and Bishop’s Stoke.

We are happy to offer our car servicing outside of these areas, helping all Hampshire motorists stay safe on the road. For our local customers, we offer a complementary collection service so long as your car is driveable.

Why is Car Servicing Important?

Regular car services will help keep your car running in full working order and safe for the road ahead. Servicing helps to reduce the chances of catatonic engine failure and expensive breakdowns.

Eastleigh Autoworks offer full car services and are happy to recommend any work off the back of our services. We will always explain why the work is needed and how it will benefit your car, giving you the opportunity to way up the costs. Eastleigh Autoworks are committed to offering the most competitive rates for our car services.

How Regularly Should I Service My Car?

How often you need you need to get your car is serviced depends entirely on the condition, age and sometimes make. Older cars may require more regular attention than others. Eastleigh Autoworks recommend you service your car at least once a year, or every twelve thousand miles, depending on how often you use the vehicle and how you drive.

If your car starts to make unusual noises, keep stalling, or has trouble starting it may need a service. Driving a car with known faults is dangerous as problems can worsen, putting yourself and other motorists at risk.

Please do not ignore any warning signs and if you have any concerns about your car give us a call. Nine times out of ten, a simple fix can stop your car needing more expensive work.

Types of Services and MOTs

There are three main types of services, and all are a world apart from an MOT. It is a common myth that a service replaces an MOT. Although regular servicing could reduce the amount of work needed for an MOT, all motorists taxed vehicles are required to have a valid MOT certificate.

Essentially, an MOT provides a technical safety inspection of your vehicle whereas a service will check general wear and tear, replacing fluids and parts when needed.

Regular maintenance
Replacing the oil and filters. Ensuring all tyres are legal and at the correct pressure, all mirrors and glass meet UK requirements.

Interim service
Every six months or six thousand miles, whichever comes first. Checking the oil, tyres, lights, and leaking hoses. We will also top up your car’s coolant system, brake fluid, and power steering if required.

Full service
During a full service, all major working components and safety features of your car are checked. Our full service will help retain the value of the car, keep the engine running as smoothly and as economically as possible. Your car will also be safer to drive and reduce the risk of any future breakdowns.

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Car Service Prices Southampton

Eastleigh Autoworks offer no obligation quotes and the most competitive prices for our car services in Eastleigh and Southampton.

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