Having a valid MOT (Ministry of Transport) certificate is a legal requirement for all cars over three years old in the UK. This simple piece of paper says your car reached the minimum legal standard required to be safely driven on British roads at the time of testing.

Prior to the MOT, Eastleigh Autoworks mechanics will check over your car and inform you about any obvious problems we find.

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The test itself takes around 45 minutes to complete and the VOSA approved tester will check for things such as corrosion, tyre wear and damage, wear to brakes and suspension joints, cracks to windscreens, bulbs and exhaust emissions. If problems are found, you will be issued with a notification of failure. Should this happen Eastleigh Autoworks will be happy to quote for the required work and if this is carried out within 10 days of the original MOT, only a partial retest fee will be charged.


A regular occurrence with a MOT is that your vehicle passes but the test station issues something called advisories. These are things that aren’t yet a problem but are likely to become so in the near future. Common advisories are worn tyres close to the legal limit and play in suspension bushes, etc.


Mot RepairsThese jobs are often better to be dealt with sooner rather than later and Eastleigh Autoworks will be happy to provide a free, no obligation quotefor the work. It’s important to know that it is illegal to use a vehicle on a public road if it has failed and MOT test.

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