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An MOT is a test that ensures that a car is road legal. It will ensure that the vehicle is not a danger to other road users but also the driver that is driving the vehicle. If you are looking for a company offering a Southampton car MOT you will need to understand what an MOT tester will look out for.

Mirrors and windscreens

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The mirrors and the windscreen need to be in good condition. Having a cracked or smashed windscreen or mirror could result in a tester failing the vehicle.

Braking systems

One of the most important aspects of the MOT is the brake test. Most car servicing companies will use a roller brake tester to analyse the current state of the brakes. They will check the discs/drums and pads to ensure that they are functional. They will also check to ensure that the brakes don’t lock up.


This is the one that most people know about; tyre wear. Each tyre must have at least 1.6mm of tread across ¾ of the tyre and the sidewalls. If there are signs of damage to the sidewalls of the tyre then the vehicle will fail. It is worth noting that even though 1.6mm is the legal limit, anything close to this is still fairly dangerous, especially in wet or icy conditions.

Number plates

Although there are many aftermarket number plates available today, avoid them. Many of the number plate dealers online are in an illegal format. Having the wrong type number plate will result in a failure.


The vehicle will go through an emission tests. This basically ensures that the exhaust is doing its job by ensuring that emissions are as low as possible. If you have a leak or hole in an exhaust system or use an aftermarket exhaust that is not legal, the chances are your vehicle will fail. Before getting your Southampton car MOT, ensure you have the exhaust system checked out by a professional.


All the lights on a vehicle must be fully functional in order for the vehicle to pass. This means hazard lights, main beam, side beam and indicators. If any of the lights don’t work or the casings are smashed, the vehicle is likely to fail.

What happens if a vehicle fails?

If your car fails a Southampton car MOT then you will be given a list of things to fix before the car gets retested. Ensure that you have a trained mechanic fix the issues. Advisory notes are things that are advisable to fix, or things that are likely to need to be fixed before the next MOT. Get in touch to book your car in, if you have an MOT coming up for your vehicle.

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